Daniel Gilbeau
Public and Government Relations

Born and raised in Ottawa, Daniel has been working for the federal government for over 25 years. He started in Métis politics with the Ottawa Métis Council (Métis Nation of Ontario), where he served successively as Councillor, Director of Communications, Vice President/ Chair and finally as President, until October 2012.

Although Daniel only found out later in life about the Métis ancestry on both his mother and father’s family, he is very proud of his Métis heritage and continues to learn about his lost past.  

Daniel’s ancestors are Algonquin, Ojibwe, French, English, Scottish, and Irish. His Métis ancestors came from the Fort Michilimakinac area, travelled along the St. Lawrence River, the Ottawa River as well as in the Quebec regions of Trois Rivieres, Oka, St. André d’Argenteuil, and back down to the Machinac area as proud fur traders.