Deidre Thompson-Palmateer
Leader of the Women’s Circle

Deidre brings an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that will serve her well in her new appointment. She sat on High Land Waters Métis council in region 6 of the MNO for 7 years (4 years as youth rep and 3 years as president.) She also sat on their regional consultation committee during those 7 years and was an Infinite Reach facilitator at her local college during her two years there. Deidre also holds a Diploma in Business administration and Personal Support Work.

Deidre is very passionate about moving forward with the Métis and helping people understand their identity. In 2015, she received a full scholarship to study "Indigenous Women in Community Leadership." At St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Through Coady International. She earned her certificate from that program. In her own words, it was the best experience of her life, being surrounded by 20 other strong indigenous women from Canada. She was connected culturally in a way she had never experienced before.

“Our culture was more than just politics. It was very eye opening for me.”

When asked about her goals in her new position, Deidre tells us this. “I think being part of the Council is exactly what my life needs right now. I think I bring a lot of knowledge to the table. I feel like good things will be happening this year. We have a strong group of people working towards a better future for us Métis, and that means ALL Métis, North to South, East to West.”

Some of her goals include:

1- Start a network of women as part of the CFMPC’s Women Circle to connect and stat working for the women in their area and start their own “mini circles”. Those women would work with Deidre to solve the issues women face today and be a shoulder for those in needs of support.

“We all live so far apart and I think its time we think about how we can expand and ask for help from our communities. We are a family and need to act like one. We have a fountain of knowledge out there.”

2- Training such as; Basic First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Chain Saw Course, Forklift Operator Licence, Smart Serve Licence, Safe Food Handling Certificate, help young youth get their baby-sitting licence etc. The addition of such skills to a youth’s resume who had not attended College could mean securing more meaningful employment.

3- Work closely with the Leader of the Youth Circle, to fully utilize her extensive experience and knowledge in that sector.