Président Alain Béliveau

  • Métis North Shore Association, Mingan Community

    Treaty # 3

    Alain Béliveau, Président

April 22, 2017

Chief Dumont and Deputy-Chief Martin travelled to Sept-Iles, Qc to sign a treaty with the Alliance Metis Cote Nord, Community de Mingan. This third treaty reinforces the bond between the Council of the First Metis People of Canada and regional Metis organisations that are determined to make a difference in their people’s lives, while asserting our identity, culture, traditions and our inherent rights.

The Alliance Metis Cote Nord held a community meeting prior to the signing of the treaty, then served a traditional feast consisting of Seal, trout, beaver, lobster, crab, and a delicious cake for dessert. With almost 2,000 members, thee Alliance Metis Cote Nord bring a wealth of experience and string organisational skills to the table. The Council of the First Metis People of Canada looks forward to working hand in hand with its new treaty partner to advance the Metis cause not only in eastern Canada, but across Turtle Island.  

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