MNOC is looking for a dynamic young woman and a dynamic young man to volunteer as leaders of the youth circle. We have innovative ideas to implement. Are you the person who will succeed in this challenge? Contact us!

Youth Circle leaders will recruit and work closely with a committee of young people. They will provide advice focused on issues related to, or importance to, the younger generation. Youth will be invited to provide their perspectives on all youth issues, including human rights education, children's rights and social development. They will also be invited to share information and vision from the perspective of youth in their community circles and the MNOC.

In addition to recruiting a young man and a young woman to lead the Circle of Youth Circle, the NMDC hopes to attract many young people from various parts of our large Métis community to our circle and lives. Please let us know if you are - or know - a young person who would like to be involved as Youth Circle Leader on the Council and its community .... CONTACT US!