Before merging with the MNOC, the Council of the First Métis People of Canada (CFMPC) signed six partnership treaties. Our governance structure and instruments ensure that leadership and representation of our citizens meet the highest standards of integrity, honesty, accountability, and transparency. Similarly, the review of potential partners' governance is mandatory before any negotiations can take place. Some organisations who sign a partnership treaty with the MNOC maintain a registry and a membership, which must meet the MNOC standard of Integrity. It is not mandatory for members of our treaty partners to join the MNOC, however, only MNOC citizens may run in elections, hold a position on Council, and hold a voting right in assemblies and elections. Métis communities do not issue membership/citizenship cards. Their members are already registered with the MNOC. The leader of each treaty or community is a voting member of the MNOC's Lead Council and participates fully in all decisions. 


Definition of Community:

A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

There are two reasons to form and/or recognize Métis Communities.

As urban population grows many Métis find themselves living away from their hometown, community and relatives, and seek other Métis to share in their culture, knowledge, traditions, and eventually start new ones for their descendants, respecting the very mobile nature of the Métis People.

Many Métis organisations do not have the capacity to maintain a registry and manage a membership. The MNOC's national registry fulfills their citizenship needs, while allowing them to concentrate on community events and growth.

The MNOC welcomes ALL Métis, regardless of where their roots stem from or who their Indigenous ancestors were or their place of residence. We already have many areas grouping a healthy Métis population that wish to be recognized as a Métis Community.

The role of the MNOC Métis Communities is to ensure the survival of our Métis culture, traditions, languages, and knowledge through gatherings and celebrations. As the MNOC grows, its Treaty Partners and Métis Communities will play an important role in the delivery of programs and services, and the exercise of our rights.



Interested in making a difference for the Métis People across Turtle Island? Tired of seeing our inherent rights denied? The MNOC welcomes Métis communities, individuals, family clans, and organisations for whom integrity, justice, honesty, and true dedication is a way of life. Contact any member of our Council to learn how you could join a dynamic Nation of highly dedicated and motivated individuals.