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The MNC and 13 Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq chiefs target Eastern Metis

The CFMPC sees the MOU between the MNC and 13 Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq chiefs as fear-mongering, and an attempt to raise the Mi’kmaq against the Metis – many of whom actually share the same Mi’kmaq ancestors. Some are even closely related and on good terms with each other. Actions like this can create unnecessary harm and anguish among our people. The MNC's allegations against the Eastern Metis (who in fact are part of s.35 of the Canadian Constitution) are misleading and unfounded. The Press Release of the alliance signed by four (4) Nova Scotia Metis groups this past July clearly outlined the truth, yet was not published by any media - for unknown reasons.

The MNC paints all the Metis in Nova Scotia with the same negative brush, and condemns all of them for the wrongs of a few. Whether the MNC likes it or not, Canada's First Metis Nation (aka Eastern Metis Nation) was born in the east, and we were called Metis, a word the Red River mixed-blood of French ancestry adopted in the 1800s (the Scott mixed-blood used the word half-breed). The MNC (aka Red River Metis Nation) is part of Canada's Metis Nation as a whole - not the Metis Nation as it claims. The SCC in the Daniels decision last year clearly stated that Canada has many First Nations - and many Metis Nations. Our research proves the 17th century birth of the Eastern Metis Nation, and its survival of the  despite oppression and genocide through countless wars and conflicts. We don't identify as Mi’kmaq, but as Metis of Mi’kmaq  ancestry, among other nations. We can't help wondering why the Mi’kmaq leaders are signing an MOU with a Red River Metis group that strongly denigrate eastern Metis, based on falsehoods with no consultation or dialogue with Eastern Metis leaders.

We feel this MOU is about division not unity; a sad manipulation of eastern Canada’s Indigenous peoples. It is a sad day for Canada, and for humanity! Perpetuating oppression and genocide among Indigenous Nations is not the true Indigenous way of life but a shameful intimidation tactic.

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13 MARCH 2018 UPDATE - The Council of the First Metis People of Canada and the Highlands Metis Nation wish to thank all the people and organisations who support this important cause. We are actively seeking a reversal of the ECMA decision through legal recourse, and will post regular updates on our media pages. For now, we ask people to continue showing their support by writing to their MPs, to the ECMA, and even share the letter we have sent to the Right Hon. PM Trudeau, the Hon. Min. Bennet and Philpott, and the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould.
Thank you everyone for supporting us in our quest for justice, not only for our member, but for all people of eastern Metis ancestry.

~ CFMPC Letter to PM & Ministers_03-2018



Senate 150th Anniversary Medals

Today, the Senate of Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of its first sitting by awarding commemorative medals, struck by the Royal Canadian Mint earlier this year.
The Senate 150th Anniversary Medal commemorates the first time senators came to Ottawa to sit in Parliament, on November 6, 1867. The medals were awarded to Canadians or permanent residents actively involved in their communities who, through generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work, made their hometowns, communities, regions, provinces or territories a better place to live.
Our Lead Elder, Donald Maxwell Fowler in being selected as a recipient of this prestigious award was introduced as a Second World War veteran who participated in the invasion of Normandy in June 1944. He was acknowledged for serving as and alderman on Brockville's municipal council, as a member of the Brockville hospital's board of governors and on the boards of countless community groups. A highlight for Don was the recognition by the Senate of Canada of his position as Lead Elder of the Council of First Métis People of Canada.
CONGRATULATIONS to Donald Fowler, our Lead Elder.