By the People for the People

On December 21st, 2018, the Métis Nation of Canada merged with the Council of First Métis People of Canada. The MNOC firmly believes in kinship, respect, integrity and unity. We pledge to uphold integrity and truth, and to lead our people in partnership by treaty with the leaders of other legitimate Métis organizations who share our vision and mandate. Together we strive to bring Canada’s Métis Nation where it should be: autonomy, preserved culture and history, economic wellbeing, and most importantly, working alongside with the First Nations to protect Mother Earth and its natural resources.

We strongly believe that as Indigenous people, regardless of blood quantum or nation, we are of one blood, one ancestral connection to Creation, and that as such, we must work together, not against each other.  We regard members of the First Nations as our Relations and support them in their endeavors to secure a good life for their people, as we appreciate their support in ours. We have a hard road ahead to ward off those who seek to erase our existence from history, while undoing some of the harm done by groups of people who claim to be Métis and cannot prove it; who claim rights that belong to First Nations; and with self-proclaimed leaders who encourage their members/citizens to use their cards dishonestly.  The MNOC strongly believes that unity and respect of each other’s differences and commonalities will ensure the wellbeing of all our people, from coast to coast.