Message from Chief Dumont

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Métis Nation of Canada's website. We have grown and are still growing by leaps and bounds, more determined than ever to get justice for ALL Métis peoples in Canada, not only a select few.  We are blessed to have professionals who devote themselves to their people without expecting rewards in return.

In keeping with our Indigenous Ancestral traditions, the MNOC is building strong partnerships treaties with Métis groups who share our vision and standard of integrity. We also seek to renew friendship ties with our First Nations cousins. Above all, the MNOC honours the ancestors who were not afraid to be true to themselves – of yesteryear heroes who showed deep respect for honour, integrity and the Creation. We celebrate and cherish the precious heritage they bestowed upon us; a legacy we strive to preserve, teach, and perpetuate through our own children and descendants.

As elected Chief of the Métis Nation of Canada, I pledge my time, energy, experience, and expertise to the important task of uniting and representing the descendants of our country’s Métis people. I pledge my determination to honour our ancestral ties and cultural diversity, and to assert our inherent rights. With the dedicated members of our council, we will pursue self-sustainability, as well as governmental partnerships, to ensure our people and our descendants’ prosperity and social justice through education, programs and services, and economic-development opportunities.

In closing, I wish to thank you for taking the time to see who we are and to learn more about our identity, history, culture, and our mission to keep our Nation alive and vibrant. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or simply wish to explore your options with the MNOC.