A Writer / Writer is a person who is a freelance professional writer, or who works in media productions. This includes: Writer, Journalist, Television, Radio, Film Making, Video, Digital Animation (Video Games, etc.) An Author is a person whose literary work has been professionally published.

We invite our NMDC members, treaty partners, or members of our Métis communities - to submit up to four photos of their literary works, a biography (100 words max), website & FB addresses, and contact . et contact. CONTACT US 

Karole Dumont  (K.D. Beckett) 

  • Canadian Historical Saga:

  • “IN Time” (2010-2015)

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  • The Moccasins (2015)

  • Lakota Trilogy 2015-

Chi-Jean and other Métis Tales (2015) / Co-Autheur with Cristopher Kientz