The Metis from coast to coast are renown for their vibrant clothing, skilfully decorated with embroidery, porcupine quills, and glass beads. The eastern Metis women learned their art from their Mi'kmaq, Algonquin, Huron and other Nations' mothers and grandmothers, to name a few.

The western Metis women learned their art from their Ojibwa and other Great Plains and Prairies mothers and grandmothers.

Both cultures honoured Mother Earth and the ancestral traditions. Today, some still wear traditional clothing, both daily and for special occasions. 

The examples below are but a very small sample of Metis clothing. We invite our members to share photos of their own ancestors in their "Sundays' best" or in their everyday traditional clothing... CONTACT US

Eastern Canada Mi'kmaq-Metis clothing/accessories

Western Canada Metis clothing