Métis music and songs in Eastern Canada are little known or less well known than Western Métis songs, so we invite people to submit links, audio or video productions songs, dance, and Métis music of Eastern Canada.

In many cases, telling apart the Metis song from the Maritime song, the Quebec song, or the francophone Ontario is almost impossible, as for many ancestors, Metis music was not permitted openly, especially during the dark hours of English invasion Lower Canada. In Quebec, the Metis songs were often derived from the ancients French songs the Voyageurs sang during their "grand voyages" from the eastern shores to the western lands.  Some will recognize their Metis ancestry and stories in the old "Chansons à répondre". 

We wish to share those songs with our visitors, without pretension or claims that the songs found on this website are all Metis. We invite you to share your Metis songs, music, and even stories, whether Metis or ancient!... CONTACT US

YouTube Links

Song to answer (De Louise Vien with Mathis)

The Fiddlers of James Bay  

1980 Documentary film by the
National Film Board of Canada 

This 1980 short documentary traces the history of the fiddle’s arrival in Canada 300 years ago via Scottish traders from Orkney Island. The Cree population of what is now Northern Québec adopted the instrument, and many contemporary Cree residents are master fiddlers. In this film, two Cree fiddlers travel to the Orkney Islands, the birthplace of the music they learned from their fathers and grandfathers. The film captures the warmth and good will of this reunion.


We invite musical performers of the MNOC, our treaty partners, and Metis Communities to submit up to three photos or videos of their work, a brief biography (100 words), website and FB links, and contact info... CONTACT US