Diane Montreuil
Leader of the Arts & Culture Society

Diane is a Métis who is native and raised in Quebec. For more than 30 years, she has been working in the field of design and sales, but she is also a Visual Artist, Educator & Curator doing her own traditional artistic work. She designs layouts for kitchens, bathrooms, and space organizers. Some of her projects have been selected and published in popular magazines in Montreal. She is also co-owner with her partner in their company "2 Gals and a Hammer Consults Inc.“ (Deux filles et un marteau Consultation Inc).

She has traveled and lived in Quebec, the United States, and across Canada, and currently lives in Toronto for over 15 years. From a young age, she has been fascinated by her own heritage and indigenous culture, and expresses it through her traditional works such as leather works, drums, paintings, spiritual dolls, and so on. Diane is inspired by the many years of traditional teachings from her previous Grandmother/Elder and up to today with her current Elders in Ontario.  These teachings are reflected in her paintings.

She was the co-founder of the company "Dancing Deer" with her best friend. They established more than 225 points of sale where their traditional creations were represented throughout the United States and Canada, including the McMichael Museum in Kleinburg Ontario, the McCord Museum in Montreal, the Indian Museum in New Hampshire USA, and in different galleries etc.

Since 2016, she taught about Louis Riel and Métis Heritage for Grade 4 to 11 students. She volunteered at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) of Toronto as a DOCENT on the French Indigenous Section for their 2017 exhibition called Anishinabek: Art & Power. Through the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), she collaborates and makes presentations to their many schools about Métis heritage and challenges including the Indigenous history & culture. In the fall of 2017, the TCDSB asked her to sit on the board of directors of their "Indigenous Advisory Committee" Thus, the MNOC will be represented at the TCDSB.

Diane uses her paintings as a tool of communications with teachers & students, she also invited as a guest speaker to Corporations about Indigenous history in Canada.  In 2022 she also collaborated with Waldorf Academy of Toronto where she did Art form paintings with students on (grade 5 & 6) the teachings of the Grandfathers which was unveiled on Earth Day.  In her work recently she was invited by the TCDSB French class (grade 6) to do an Art form painting, teaching about Turtle Island.

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