The MNOC proudly introduces Delores Johnson,
Lead Elder Woman

Delores Johnson

Message from our co-Lead Elder

I am the proud mother of my only daughter Stephanie. As busy as she is, she always has time for her Dad and I and makes sure we are well taken care of. We have decided we are never leaving home 😊 

I am a passionate genealogist and Métis family historian dating back to the 1970s. One important lesson I have learned through our genealogies is we are all related.

It saddens me that that the government feeds into a false narrative of who is and who is not Métis and that some of our kin also follow this false narrative.

I have written many letters to politicians and government regarding our Acadian and Quebec Métis, but sadly to no avail. With no support in our community I finally packed my Métis treasures into a box and closed the lid.  BUT along came Karole and my daughter so I have reopened that box.

I look forward to the day when our Acadian Métis and Quebec Métis are given the recognition they deserve, and our collective Metis history be recognized without discrimination and prejudice.

I am very honoured to be able to help to the best of my ability.

All my relations

In Memoriam ~ Donald M. Fowler, (1925-2022)
MNOC's Founding Lead Elder

  • Captain (Ret’d) Donald M. Fowler CD, Kt. (Fr.)

  • Capitaine (Ret’d) Donald M. Fowler CD, Kt. (Fr.)

Born in 1925, near Rice Lake in Otonabee Township, Ontario, Donald is one of four children born to James Fowler and Grace Sedore. In true Metis tradition, the Fowlers moved often before settling in Kingston, and for Don, later in Brockville, where he raised his own family of three, one son, Malcolm, now age 59.

In 1939, Donald saw his father for the first time in a wartime military uniform with the rank of a “Gunner” in the RCHA. Donald also joined the army in 1940, and managed to visit his father a few times while in Great Britain. Don spent 5 years of infantry service with the 1st Bn, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry Highlanders, re-enlisted in the Canadian Officers Training Contingent, at Queen’s university and  was  commissioned in the Royal Canadian Artillery, as an Intelligence Officer. He received many decorations and honours, including France’sChevalier de la Légion dhonneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour). Following university studies, a civilian, Donald worked at GTE for 30 years, in commercial telecommunications management.

It was after WWII, that Donald became interested in his Aboriginal ancestry and genealogy. In 1977, he discovered that his beloved great-grandmother—known to her peers as “Maggie,” was the great-granddaughter Jenny Mistigoose, daughter of Puckethwanisk, and wife of fur trader Robert Goodwin. Donald’s interest quickly developed into a lifetime passion, which led him to exploring the DNA testing world, of which he has gained an impressive understanding and shares generously.

On November 7th, 2018, on behalf of the MNOC, CFMPC, and our Métis citizens, Chief Dumont and Dianne Blackwell, the MNOC blanketed Lead Elder Fowler, thus honouring him for his life of dedication and sacrifices for his country and his people.  Don’s 93nd birthday would not have been complete without a small party and the gift of the official MNOC Métis sash and a suede feather carrier for his eagle feather.