In recognition that the Métis are recognized as one of Canada's three Indigenous Peoples under s.35 of the Canadian Constitution, and as Indian under the Daniels decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, we assert different rights from our brothers and sisters among the First Nations, Inuit and non-status Indians, taking into account the situation of the various Métis Nations in Canada.

We seek the right to:

  1. Health programs and services;
  2. Safe housing;
  3. Traditional and cultural practices;
  4. Education;
  5. Economic development;
  6. Traditional harvesting practices, while ensuring sound management of  Natural Resources;
  7. Self-determination as Métis people        

We want to unite Métis communities in Canada, to convey their demands and to act as a conduit for political transmission to the federal government. We want ALL Métis, from sea to sea to sea, to be treated equally in their rights without discrimination and with the greatest respect for their important contribution to the development of our country, Canada.

We wish to maintain friendship and unity with the First Nations through reciprocal respect for our commonalities and our differences. 

Prepared by: Joël Ross, Métis Rights Coordinator


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The following section offers published work from various authors, all available on the internet. **Note:  The inclusion of these documents on our website does not mean that the MNOC agrees with all the authors. This list encourages awareness and awakening to the legalities, and even the controversy pertaining to Métis Rights. Unfortunately, not all resources are available in English and French. 

The indefensible in-betweenness or the spatio-legal arbitrariness of  the Métis fact in Quebec (Étienne Rivard, 2017) -The-indefensible-in-betweenness