David Clark
Leader of the Society of Art and Culture

It is with great pleasure that we welcome David (Dave) Clark to the MNOC / CFMPC as a leader of the Art & Culture Society. David has a diverse background in employment and education. He holds university, undergraduate and graduate degrees in tourism, geography and data analysis. Much of his work has been devoted to social services and education, as well as to college and Aboriginal organizations (urban Aboriginal and Métis Resource Center). Dave has volunteered with many organizations, some of which focused on heritage and culture. For several years, he has worked as an independent advisor at the data and geospatial analysis levels. Over the years, he has studied various visual arts and has focused on manufacturing and teaching the manufacture of a cigar box-shaped guitar. 

His wife Kim is very involved in various forms of traditional handmade textile arts (quilts, traditional hooked or crocheted carpets and bobbin lace). He is the proud father of two wonderful and creative girls, now young women who are making their way around the world.

You can reach David by email: council@firstmetispeople.ca