Traditional Art is a survival skill and or knowledge that is passed down from one generation to another, such as a master craftsperson teaching to an apprentice. The master is the wisdom keeper of an particular artistic discipline. This category includes all art forms that are done traditionally by hand and non-mechanical method such as: Traditional Hunting (Cleaning, Trapping, Tracking etc.) Pottery, natural medicines, builder (tipi, longhouse, canoe, log home, toboggan etc.) music (fiddle, drum, spoons jaw harp etc.) storyteller, dance (pow wow, jigging, scare dance etc.) weavers (basket, sash, knitting, crochet etc.) carvers (walking stick, totems, bowls, doors etc..) quilters, sewers (regalia, coats, moccasins, mukluks, fur hats, mittens, capot etc.) decorative arts (beading, quilling, embroidery, lace etc, and legends and story tellers.

We invite members of the CFMPC and its treaty partners' organisations to submit up to four photos of their work, contact info, website and FB links.... Contact Us 

Roger Labelle

Alis Kennedy

A few more examples of traditional art

We invite our members who are traditional artists and artisans to submit their photo and photos of three items, along with the URL of your website or FB page to be showcased on our website.